Alaska Passport Office

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Get a Passport in Alaska

Alaska Passport Office specializes in expedited passports, passport renewals and services for Alaska residents who have had their passport lost or stolen. Have you lost your passport? Are you in need of a replacement passport before you leave for a trip? We help US citizens replace passports quickly and stress free.

Has your passport recently expired or expired within the past five years? We can help you expedite the renewal of your passport.

If you are in need of a new or replacement passport quickly, often within 24 hours, in order to have it by your scheduled date of travel, contact us - if you are a first time applicant for a passport above the age of 18 or your passport expired over five years ago, we can help you get a new passport or a renewed passport fast!

We are also experts in expediting visas for travel to countries that require them. Most countries require at least one blank page in your passport for travel visa stamps. Let us know - we offer services for additional passport pages.

For help obtaining a passport or visa within 24 hours of your travel time, contact us now!

Passport office in Alaska